WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy, and users have until February 8 to accept the new terms and conditions. The new policy says how user data is impacted when there is interaction with a business on the platform, and provides more details on integration with Facebook, WhatsApp’s parent company.

What has changed in the new What’sApp privacy policy

For beginner What’sApp remains end-to-end converted, means your messages are safe now. What’sApp bringing up three updates :- How the App processes your Data, How businesses can use Facebook hosted services to store and manage their What’sApp chats and there will be more combination of Facebook’s other products with What’sApp.

What users’ data will What’sApp ‘collect’

According to new privacy policy of whatsapp will collect “battery level, signal strength, app version, browser, information, mobile network, connection information(including phone numbers operators or ISP), language and time zone , IP address, device operations information, and identifiers (including identifiers unique to Facebook Company Products associated with the same device or account). Nothing alarming as such but notably this point wasn’t a part whatsapp previous privacy policy. This states that your phone number, mobile information will be shared with facebook. The information they shared with facebook companies includes your account registration information such as your phone number.